Manpower Group Assemblers - Electronic in Milpitas, California

General Purpose:

Performs a variety of component installations and inspections on electronic assemblies/subassemblies along a production line. May perform minor repairs as necessary.

Principle Accountabilities: Duties performed in this role vary depending on the business unit, location or product being manufactured. Following is a list of possible duties:

  • Reads work orders, follows production drawings and sample assemblies, or receives verbal instructions regarding duties to be performed.

  • Positions and aligns parts in specified relationship to each other in jig, fixture or other holding device.

  • Crimps, stakes, screws, bolts, rivets, welds, solders, cements, press fits or performs similar operations to join or secure parts in place.

  • Mounts assembled components to boards or units.

  • May install multi-level subassemblies and modules into Racks using complex configurations.

  • Installs finished assemblies or subassemblies in cases and cabinets.

  • Assembles and attaches hardware, such as caps, clamps, knobs and switches, to assemblies.

  • Performs intermediate assembly tasks, such as potting, encapsulating, sanding, cleaning, epoxy bonding, curing, stamping, etching, impregnating and color-coding parts and assemblies.

  • Tends machines that press, shape or wind component parts.

  • Performs online go-not-go testing and inspection to ensure parts and assemblies meet production specifications and standards.

  • Sets up station with the correct documents and components per assembly drawing.

  • Handles/install polarized/non-polarized components on designated location on product.

  • Adjusts or trims materials from components to achieve specified electrical requirements or dimensional characteristics.

  • Assist in performing repair work.

  • Communicates any process problems with peers, leads, supervisors and/or engineers.

  • Perform preventative maintenance on production line machinery.

Specialized Job Responsibilities may be required for certain assembler positions. These could include one or more of the following duties:

  • Connects component lead wires to printed circuit or routes and connects wires between individual component leads and other components, connectors, terminals and contact points.

  • Performs light physical tasks such as changing conveyor width.

  • Performs solder masking, taping non-solderable area, installing e-prom into the sockets and placing Rev labels on the boards per production's documents.

  • Properly loads boards on pallets.

  • Inspects nonconforming solder join defects on PTH and SMT chips component.

  • Collects data using the SPC charts.

  • Fills out returned forms of conforming and nonconforming materials and prepares set up kits for incoming shift.

  • Performs basic touch up, removal and placement, inspecting own work and the work of others following applicable work instructions and quality procedures.

  • Detects nonconforming defects and their defect codes to enter into shop floor control systems.

  • Assists, instructs and qualifies new operators.

  • Reports deviations from standard procedures to engineering or supervisor and provides inputs on quality improvements.

  • Systems - Assemble complex units for wiring, connecting difference sub-assemblies and nodes into large rack systems.