Palo Alto Veterans Institute for Research Editorial Assistant Publishing a Textbook (FEN1701.17) in Palo Alto, California

The Palo Alto Veterans Institute for Research (PAVIR) is seeking an Editorial Assistant position to work with the Principal Investigator, Dr. Howard Fenn, to provide editorial and administrative support for the production and publication of a textbook on Geriatric Inpatient psychiatry. Target start date is October 2, 2017. The Editorial Assistant must be available to work on this project for at least 6-8 months. This is a regular, non-exempt (hourly-paid), part-time position: weekly hours will vary, but wonand#39;t exceed 20-25 hours a week. Work schedule can be flexible and will be discussed during the interview. It is possible to work remotely; however, during the first three months, on-site meetings with the Principal Investigator in Palo Alto will be held at least 2-3 times a week. If the Editorial Assistant needs time off work for a week or more, at least two weeksand#39; notice will be required prior to such absence. The Editorial Assistant will manage project timelines, communicate with the publisher and co-editors, as well as coordinate the efforts of the chapter authors across many sites, facilitating communication with each of the textbook contributors. The Editorial Assistant will encourage progress among collaborators, removing barriers, providing assistance with formatting and software, while maintaining a collegial, friendly and professional interpersonal style. The ideal candidate for the Editorial Assistant position will have prior experience editing scientific manuscripts for publication, as well as formatting graphs and charts. Project management experience and familiarity with medical and psychiatric terminology is a strong plus. The Editorial Assistant must be proficient in Endnote, Word and Excel and must have excellent written, verbal and interpersonal skills. PAVIR is a nonprofit foundation affiliated with the Veterans Affairs Palo Alto Health Care System (VAPAHCS). As a condition of employment, all PAVIR employees are required to have an approved appointment with VAPAHCS and complete a background check before they can commence work. Duties:Organize and prepare materials for publishing. Proofread and review all submitted material for correct grammar, spelling, reference and citations format, message flow, and consistency with the publisherand#39;s formatting requirements. Recommend revisions or changes in format.Format and edit charts, graphs, diagrams, tables, decision trees, and other illustrations.Conduct literature searches in PubMed, OVID, and other medical databases. Download references into Endnote, transfer them to the Reference list and insert as citations into a Word document.Serve as the main point of contact for co-authors, co-editors, and central editor at the publishing company. Set up and coordinate communication using teleconferencing, email, etc.Execute independent judgment in assembling and editing various manuscripts to ensure the style is clean and formatting is consistent.Provide assistance to chapter authors through progressive iterations of their manuscripts, and perform heavy structural editing as necessary to prepare the final draft for publishing. Assist chapter authors with Endnote, Word, Excel, and Prezi software, as needed.Share drafts and collaborate with the publisher to incorporate their standardized formatting.Remain in constant, proactive and timely communication with the PI and other co-editors, as well as the individual authors. Follow up on the timelines for the submission of chapters.Requirements: Education:Required: Bachelor degree (or equivalent combination of education and experience) in Literature, English, Journalism, Liberal Arts or Science or a related disciplineDesired: Masterand#39;s degree in Literature, English, Journalism or a related discipline Experience:Required: Experience editing scientific manuscripts and creating / formatting graphs, diagrams, charts, tables, etc.Desired: Experience editing and publishing texts concerning medicine or psychiatry K