Tableau Software Staff/Principal Software Engineer, Query Languages in Palo Alto, California

Staff/Principal Software Engineer, Query Languages

Department: Engineering

Location(s): Palo Alto, CA

Tableau Software is a company on a mission. We help people see and understand their data. After a highly successful IPO in 2013, Tableau has become a market-defining company in the business intelligence industry. But don’t take our word for it—read what analysts like BARC and Gartner have to say about us. (Spoiler: You’ll find terms like “Leader” and “#1.”)

Tens of thousands of companies and organizations have chosen Tableau. From the executive suites of Fortune 500 companies to the jungles of Central America, from immunology research labs to high school robotics club meetings, our software can be found anywhere people have data and questions. Additionally, journalists, bloggers, and major media web sites have embraced our free product, Tableau Public, for its ability to help them share data online in the form of interactive visualizations. Check out all of our products at: at .

Tableau’s culture is casual and high-energy. We are passionate about our product and our mission and we are loyal to each other and our company. We value work/life balance, efficiency, simplicity, freakishly friendly customer service, and making a difference in the world. Tableau offers exceptional professional and financial growth potential.

To learn more about Tableau’s mission, please visit: at


What you'll be doing...

You'll be working on team with a mission to ensure that people can bring all of their data into Tableau for analysis. This is a diverse challenge, requiring people with domain expertise, but who are looking to stretch beyond their comfort zone and tackle whatever challenges come along.

Some of the things you'll be doing include…

  • Designing and building data processing language, query, and execution components that integrate tightly with the existing Tableau data ecosystem.

  • Getting these components to run in a variety of contexts, including desktop machines and scaled-out server environments.

  • Optimizing data structures and contracts in the context of modern architectures to make data processing fly.

  • Writing code that can leverage the strengths and avoid the weaknesses of relational database systems, BigData systems, and cubes.

  • Creating query rewriting rules that provide the best queries for the architecture that will execute them.

  • Leveraging your creativity and your technical prowess to find new ways to help customers extend their ability to "reach out and touch" their data in whatever form it happens to be in.

Who you are... *LI-JV1

  • Experienced. You have 10+ years of software development experience.

  • Flexible and highly-technical. You know your stuff inside and out, but you aren't afraid to learn new areas and stretch yourself to handle whatever need arises.

  • A True Team Player. You enjoy collaborating, learning from or teaching others so we can all become better developers. People love working with you because you help them up their game.

  • A Data Rock Star. Your friends and family aren't sure why you need five linked spreadsheets to manage your finances, or why you're thinking about buying a Business Intelligence tool to do it instead. You love working with any type of data, relational, multi-dimensional, and all sorts of graphs and hierarchical data found on the web.

  • A Problem Solver. You have a passion for solving complex problems, be they at work or in your spare time on your own projects.

  • Service Minded. You care about the people using your software, and like to understand their goals and problems. You like to build software that "just works", minimizing the care and feeding it needs. You make it robust, scalable and fast. You understand what it takes to write software that is used by thousands or millions of people.

  • A Language and Query Fanatic. You love lambdas, wax poetic about monads (while realizing that nobody knows what you're talking about), and argue passionately about the time and place for dynamic structural typing. You also know how to put theory to practice and make that hash join fly. It’s a plus if you are fluent in MDX and SQL.

  • You are a Recruiter! Tableau hires company builders and, in this role, you will be asked to be on the constant lookout for the best talent to bring onboard to help us continue to build one of the best companies in the world!